The Proof is in the Coffee

Raise your mug to making no compromises between a sustainably sourced bean and a delicious tasting brew!

Black Honey Processed single origin
Black Honey Processed single origin Costa Rica coffee

Last month Jay, owner of Magnolia Coffee

in Charlotte NC stopped by the Asheville Coffee Expo with a pound of beans from Costa Rica. He shared with me how these beans scored so high with the The Coffee Review. I was like okay, “We’ll see when we get back to the Coffee Crate cupping table.” The proof is in the pudding right, or in this case coffee? Well, turns out Jay was right. Here at Coffee Crate HQ, we’ve kind of been obsessed with these amazing beans, that truly words cannot describe, ever since.

Jay also mentioned that he’ll be in Charleston, SC November 13th entering this coffee into the Charleston Coffee Cup competition. This is truly an All Star bean!

So of course, you’ll find these amazing beans in November’s Coffee Crate, and the icing on the cake is these are sustainably sourced from the West Valley of Costa Rica. The producers use the Black Honey processing method, which uses very little water to process the beans, as opposed to the commonly used Washed processing, which uses a large amount of water.

Find Magnolia Coffee on the Facebook page here.