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The Sustainability Groove

Roaster Profile: Larry’s Coffee

Larry's Coffee roaster group

Sure we all wish and strive to have sustainable habits in our homes and professions, but how often do we not put our time/money where our mouths are? One of our roasters has no problem answering that question. Larry’s Coffee, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is entrenched in the “sustainability groove”. From where they source their green coffee beans, to their solar powered roasting facility, to their veggie-oil powered delivery bus, Larry and his team have dialed in creative ways to make sustainability the standard.


First the beans! When ordering from Larry’s Coffee, we don’t have to ask “what are your current Fair Trade coffees?” All of Larry’s Coffees are Fair Trade, Organic and Shade Grown; all of them! Founder, Larry, believes coffee can be used to joyfully make the world a better place. We resonate with this sentiment of coffee with a higher purpose.


Larry finds that Fair Trade is twofold; It’s a way to fund uniquely delicious coffee beans and at the same time creating business opportunities where everyone in the supply chain gets paid fairly for their product. Larry pioneered this model by helping form the Cooperative Coffee organization, which is a group of U.S. roasters that work together to import green coffee beans into the United States with a focus on ethical trade practices.

Then the roasting facility! Here’s the list of everything Larry’s Coffee is doing to lighten their Carbon and Water footprint:

Veggie oil from Piedmont Biofuels powders their coffee bus for local coffee deliveries.








Solar collectors heat the roasting facility and main offices.

Larrys Coffee Roasting facilities







They also let the sunshine light up their roasting facility with a “clearstory.”

Composting coffee waste to be used in the veggie garden.

Rainwater harvesting, with 4 tanks that can collect up to 2500 gallons of water to run the bathrooms and water the plants.

And this is the shortlist. See more here.

This month in your Coffee Crates, you’ll find Larry’s Honduras Comsa lightly roasted bean that makes for an elegant brew with notes of apple crisp and caramel.

Oh and by the way, did we mention their coffee is also delicious? No compromises here!

Thank you Larry’s Coffee for sharing these great photographs with Coffee Crate.

Coffee Crate, what’s it all about?

We believe that coffee tastes better when there’s an empowering story of love and respect that connects us to the origin of the beans.

We are an online coffee subscription and gift service, providing carefully curated roasts from local North Carolina roasters, delivered every month to your door. We work with roasters who connect with the story of where their beans come from, and who uphold ethical standards of sustainability and labor. In this way, we curate the highest quality beans and carefully package them with creativity and love.

We continuously taste an assortment of beans from local roasters who take pride in their craft and strive to produce uniquely delicious coffees. We place an emphasis on working with roasters who work directly with the farms. Some of the growers are engaged in community empowerment, such as women owned cooperatives, local education and community health.

When selecting beans for Coffee Crate, our emphasis is on the virtuous delight of not only an ethically sourced product, but also one that activates the senses of our body and mind.

Together with a locally crafted goodie, we deliver delicious right to your door.