May’s Coffee Crate

Credit to Matthew Hamm for the image

Hello hello everyone, hope you’ve enjoyed this gorgeous weather we’ve been having the past month, with the exception of our first tropical storm, Ana, of the year. Here’s what you guys are seeing in May’s box:

Joe Van Gogh

The folks at Joe Van Gogh consider themselves artisans, and it certainly shows in their coffee. Roasting, brewing, and sharing coffee is their passion, and they have worked diligently at mastering their craft. Owner Robbie Roberts has been in the coffee business for 20 years now. He opened his first shop on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh and has been living a highly caffeinated life ever since.

All Nations Coffee

All Nations Coffee, from Charlotte, represents people and communities. Their main interest is to bring equilibrium in the profit and implement a sustainable business with social responsibility. We love businesses that try to find a balance of the two, as we believe there is a middle ground businesses can find. A portion of their profits are used to help support farmers and co-ops around the world.

Parliament Coffee Roasters

You are probably starting to see a similar theme with our roasters. Parliament, also from Charlotte, is no exception. Their focus is to bring in the finest coffees from around the globe, and roast them to a profile that highlights the varying and subtle nuances that make a particular bean unique. This is one of the greatest parts about drinking locally roasted coffee, you can’t get that subtlety from the big coffee roasters we all know. The standards by which they do business will always be hinged upon the concept of quality over quantity.